Spent caustic treatment and reuse

July 1, 2023

Over the past 50 years, the oil industry has faced
increasing reputational challenges across a wide
range of stakeholders, including customers, employ
ees, suppliers, shareholders, the communities in which they
reside and serve, and the general public at large. With the
heightened focus on a greener environment, the oil indus
try’s gifts to the world of ample, reliable, and affordable
supply have come under question.
The processes and systems involved in oil production
and distribution are highly complex. As the pressure to act
builds, the technologies built around its provisions have
become more innovative and imperative. In an industry that
is not inherently sustainable, there is an impetus to change
and reimagine its processes, including its waste streams.

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RSH Sweetening
Acids / Acid Esters Removal
Amine Removal
Caustic Regeneration
CO2 Removal
COD Reduction
COS Removal
Digestor gas from agricultural plants
Elemental Sulfur Removal
Forestry waste, used cooking oil, animal-fat feedstocks
Garbage-to-fuel processes
Garbage-to-power processes
H2S Removal
Landfill gas
Liquid Extraction
Liquid Mass Transfer Equipment
NaHS Removal
NaOH Removal
Naphthenic/Organic Acids (RCOOH) Removal
Off-spec Chemical Removal
pH Neutralization Chemical
Renewable diesel refining
RSH Removal
RSH Sweetening
Soda Makeup Chemical
Solvent Extraction
Spent Caustic Management / Removal
Spent Caustic Neutralization
Spent Caustic Treatment
Sulfur Makeup Chemical
Synthesis gas (syngas)
Water Soluble Oxygenates Removal
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Coso Case Study: 22 Years of Reliable Sulfur Removal

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