Catalysts and Carbon Solutions

Merichem® supports its technology solutions with a wide range of proprietary catalysts and chemicals designed to improve efficiency and profitability.


A patented liquid redox system that catalyzes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) into elemental sulfur and water.

  • Catalyst is continually regenerated
  • Removes H2S from virtually any gas stream
  • Produces no liquid waste streams
  • More reliable and flexible than biological treatments

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A liquid-to-liquid contact product to catalyze mercaptan (RSH) oxidation into disulfide oils (DSO).

  • Widely used along with Merichem’s FIBER FILM® technology for highly efficient mercaptan oxidation and spent caustic regeneration
  • 100% soluble
  • Causes no solids formation or plugging
  • Compatible with continuous catalyst injection systems


Catalysts Solutions:



Carbon can be purchased with or without pre-impregnation of catalyst. Carbon products are used for fixed-bed applications, catalyzing mercaptan (RSH) oxidation into DSO. Benefits of pre‑impregnation include:

  • Shorter catalyst replacement sequence
  • No additional raw material requirements
  • No impregnation solution disposal needs
  • No risk of improper impregnation

Carbon Solutions:


Proprietary Solutions


A specially formulated treating reagent for sweetening heavy mercaptans contained in kerosene, jet, middle-distillate and diesel streams.

  • Offers increased activity over the caustic-carbon bed process
  • Internally regenerates after reacting with mercaptans

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