This Product Safety Summary is a high-level summary intended to provide the general public with an overview of product safety information on this chemical substance. It is not intended to provide emergency response, medical or treatment information, or to provide an overview of all safety and health information. This summary is not intended to replace the (Material) Safety Data Sheet. For detailed guidance on the use or regulatory status of this substance, please consult the (Material) Safety Data Sheet.

Chemical Identity

Light Ends Blend

Petroleum Distillates               CAS #8008-20-6

Cresol, mixed isomers             CAS # 1319-77-3

Naphthenic Acid                     CAS # 1338-24-5

Product Overview

  • The only use of Light Ends Blend is as fuel.
  • The primary routes of exposure are absorption of liquid, mist or vapor on skin; eye contact; inhalation of mist or vapor; and oral ingestion.
  • The material is stable at standard temperature and pressure and is not reactive.
  • Store containers in cool, well ventilated areas away from ignition sources.
  • Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame. Keep containers closed.
  • For further health and safety information, please consult the MSDS.

Chemical Properties

  • Light Ends Blend is a dark colored liquid with a characteristic pungent, gasoline or antiseptic-type odor.
  • pH = NA
  • Boiling point = 250° F
  • Flash point = >141° F
  • Not an oxidizer and not explosive
  • Vapor density => 1 (air =1), slightly more dense than air
  • Not water soluble
  • Stable (not reactive) at standard temperature and pressure

Health Information

Light Ends Blend penetrates skin rapidly as a liquid or vapor, producing burns and dermatitis.  Swallowing this material causes intense burning of the mouth and throat, followed by abdominal pain and nausea; these effects may be delayed. There are no known acute, mutagenic, or teratogenic hazards.

Skin contact

Immediately wash from the skin by removing contaminated clothing and flushing the exposed area with water and soap.


Quickly give 3 or more glasses of milk or water to drink. Do not induce vomiting. Aspiration of liquid into the lungs due to vomiting can cause chemical pneumonitis.


Remove to fresh air.  Have qualified person restore and/or support breathing with oxygen, if needed. Keep warm.

Eye Contact

Immediately flush the eyes with plenty of running water, including under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes

Environmental Information

  • Ecotoxicity – no data available
  • Persistence and degradability – no data available
  • Bioaccumulation potential – no data available
  • Mobility in soil – no data available

No formal ecological data is available.  As with any hydrocarbon liquid which is not soluble in water, care should be taken to prevent spilled material from reaching waterways, storm drains, sewers, or direct ground contact.

Additional Hazards

None known.

Exposure Potential

Light Ends Blend is intended as an industrial product only; no direct consumer contact is expected to occur.  Users should handle this material in strict accordance with MSDS guidelines and common industry practices.