Alkylate Wash Unit Upgrades Yield and Increases Production

January 11, 2020

Alkylation by sulfuric acid is a process commonly employed in the production of gasoline components. Without sufficient treatment by caustic and water wash steps, the products of alkylation may contain impurities and risk damage to refinery equipment. When alkylate production increases, as it had at Tosco’s Bayway Refinery, treatment equipment must be upgraded. Traditionally, these upgrades hurt efficiency and raise costs. Retrofitting with Merichem’s FIBER FILM® Contactor technology and conversion to its THIOLEX and AQUAFINING processes met Tosco’s treatment needs and increased alkylate production by 2,400 BPSD, all without sacrificing price.

Download our complete technical paper:

The implementation of an improved method for treating a sulfuric acid alkylation reactor effluent stream at Tosco’s Bayway Refinery

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