Sodium Hydrosulfide

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Merichem® offers sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) to the pulp and paper industry. It’s available in two concentrations: high purity 42–45% NaHS; and 15–25% NaHS — a cost effective alternative in many applications. Uses for NaHS include:

  • Sulfide component in synthetic white liquor
  • Liquid alternative to solid salt cake and emulsified sulfur

Quality with Confidence

From treating to handling, we apply 360-degree control of the process, ensuring that our solutions are able to meet and exceed a wide range of end user specifications, along with the highest quality-control standards. To that end, we analyze the chemical composition of shipments and conduct monthly sampling and testing for product inventoried in our various storage tanks.

Sodium Hydrosulfide Products We Offer:

High Concentration NaHS

42 to 45% concentrations

Refinery By-products NaHS

15 to 25% concentrations

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75-Years Proven

For nearly three-quarters of a century, Merichem® has developed proven technologies for sulfur removal, caustic treatment and spent caustic handling. Our expertise runs deep and is backed by dedicated support. We treat every problem as unique in order to give our customers the most optimal, cost effective and sustainable solutions available today.

Scalable Capabilities

Whatever your needs, Merichem® has the flexible resources and logistics support to meet them. In addition to providing recyclable caustic products, Merichem® offers contaminant removal technologies, engineering, fabrication, testing, technology licensing and supply chain capabilities available worldwide.