Removing or Sweetening of Mercaptan Compounds in Hydrocarbon Streams

MERICAT | Caustic Sweetening of Mercaptans

First licensed in 1977, MERICAT technology from Merichem® has been successfully used in gasoline/naphtha, condensate and crude oil streams for the sweetening of mercaptan compounds. With our proprietary FIBER FILM® Contactor as the mass transfer device, MERICAT uses caustic/catalyst/air as treating reagents.


  • Reduces mercaptan content, using a strong caustic to meet mercaptan specifications and pass Doctor tests
  • Allows customers to meet pipeline specification requirements for NGL, Y-grade fuels, pentane or condensate
  • Simple and proven technology for sweetening light mercaptans in a hydrocarbon stream; a single vessel can achieve the RSH sweetening—no need for additional settling vessels
  • Removes odorous RSH with minimal processing to meet total sulfur specifications

FFC Plus Technology

The latest iteration of Merichem’s FIBER FILM® Contactor technology, FFC Plus can increase hydrocarbon treating rates by up to 150 percent as compared to earlier designs.

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MERICAT Applications

  • Condensates
  • Light Crude Oils
  • Naphtha Treating (Gasoline, Alkylate, Raffinate, Straight-Run)
  • Gas Production Field
  • Oil Production Field
  • Crude Distillation Unit

How It Works

Thanks to the dramatic increase in liquid surface area achieved by Merichem’s FIBER FILM® Contactor, MERICAT achieves maximum efficiency of conversion—with little to no emulsification, carryover or high‑pressure drop during phase transfer.

Established Performance

For nearly 75 years, Merichem® has provided innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry, establishing a reputation of expertise in caustic treatment technology and service solutions. Equally uncommon is our dedication to our customers and solving their problems.

Support, A to Z

The depth of Merichem’s expertise is reinforced by the breadth of its capabilities, which include solution design, engineering, fabrication, research and development, testing and service.

Proven Flexibility, Global Reach

Merichem® has helped customers over the world solve their treatment challenges with proven, industry‑changing technology.

We have licensed more than 150 MERICAT units worldwide

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Stream Types
MERICAT has been used to sweeten mercaptans in the following stream types:
Heavy Gasolines (50 Units)
Light Gasolines (18 Units)
Naphthas (40 Units)
LPG (8 Units)
Others (35 Units)