Regenerable Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Technology for Sour Gas Streams

March 19, 2021

Merichem® is proud to introduce EcoTreat®, a revolutionary modular treatment system that completely removes H2S from sour gas streams using a sulfur-catalyst scavenger and produced water as a medium in the absorber. In contrast to traditional systems, the spent treatment solution is oxidized by sparging, which regenerates the scavenger for reuse. Sulfur is converted to salts that stay in the locally sourced produced water. If desired, the dissolved byproduct can then be recovered for beneficial reuse. 

No solid waste disposal. No thermal processes. No residual solid byproducts that cause costly plugging and corrosion on-site or downstream. It’s a flexible, cost-effective technology with minimal power or maintenance requirements, sets up in a matter of hours and provides significant savings, directly and indirectly, over traditional solutions. It’s value delivered, pure and simple.

EcoTreat® Can Dramatically Reduce Your Operating Costs. We’ll Prove It.

A small skid-mounted treating unit is now available for deployment in the continental US. Let us set up a risk-free demo on your site using a small slip stream and compare EcoTreat’s® performance to your current treating unit.

Merichem® will cover the mobilization, installation and operation costs during the trial period.


Learn how our innovative H2S removal process reduces operating costs

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