MERICHEM® Awarded New LO-CAT® Project in Texas

October 4, 2016

Merichem Company, a global partner serving the oil and gas industries with focused technology, chemical, and service solutions, announced today that it was awarded a contract to design, construct and startup a LO-CAT unit to treat amine acid gas produced at a cryogenic gas treating facility at an undisclosed location in Texas. The plant is scheduled to start up in early 2017.

The LO-CAT process catalytically converts hydrogen sulfide, H2S, into elemental sulfur suitable for landfill disposal or use as a soil amendment in certain agricultural areas, depending on local regulations. Mr. Ronald Buras, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Merichem Process Technology business unit said, “This latest LO-CAT plant offers low total cost of operations compared to various H2S scavenger systems and demonstrates Merichem’s commitment to the customer with an accelerated delivery schedule.” The technology has been licensed to over 225 companies worldwide.

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