Industries We Serve

Merichem® offers proven solutions for sulfur treating, the treatment of other impurities, and the management of spent caustic products in their process streams for beneficial reuse.


Hydrocarbon treatment solutions for oil and gas applications, chemical and petrochemical plants. Merichem® provides complete treatment units designed and built to your specifications. Merichem® also provides solutions for treatment of spent caustics including both technology solutions and caustic handling solutions.

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Direct treatment solutions for most types of gas streams, including air, natural gas, CO2, acid gas, biogas, landfill gas, refinery gas, and more.

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Cost effective solutions for the treatment of whole crude, crude sweetening, sulfur extraction without DSO decomposition, and naphthenic acid removal from light crudes.

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Specialty Applications

Industry-specific applications providing 99.9-percent H2S removal efficiency from most acid gas streams using our patented LO‑CAT® technology

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Pulp and Paper Makeup Chemicals

Cost effective soda makeup chemicals that help paper companies save money and further their sustainability initiatives.

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Biofuels & Renewables

Established solutions for sulfur extraction in the production of renewable fuels, minimizing your sulfur footprint and reducing your operating costs while streamlining your path to economic viability.

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