Reinforcing Merichem’s expertise is our comprehensive support in the design, engineering, project management, fabrication of treatment systems and other plant and process projects for customers globally. We are uniquely equipped to provide proven solutions, safely and efficiently.

Extensive Capabilities

Merichem® has the resources for a total fabrication solution: an 85,400-square-foot covered shop, with an extra 150,000 square-foot open area; four overhead cranes with a combined 30-ton lifting capacity; 10 one-ton jib cranes; two loading docks; in-house welding procedure development and qualification; equipment and expertise in bending small-bore piping (carbon steel and alloy); and secure receiving and control. Merichem’s Houston shop can be used to fabricate our proprietary systems or as a facility for our client’s fabrication needs that are non-proprietary in nature. Merichem® also has agreements in place with fabrication shops around the world to ensure our clients receive the best pricing and local content when needed.

Modularized Process Systems

With modular engineering, Merichem® can reduce field installation costs and have you up and running faster and more efficiently than field-assembled components. Merichem® can supply modular solutions in a controlled shop environment that can fit in standard containers suitable for sea freight. This allows for faster project completion, improved quality, better safety systems, smaller footprints and portability. Whether we fabricate in our Houston shop or use one of our many international partner shops, we design and fabricate to our client’s standards and requirements and provide a fully assembled and tested treatment unit, ready for installation and integration with other units.

Watch Merichem’s Latest Modular Fabrication Build – Timelapse Video


ASME Code Pressure Vessels

Merichem® can also fabricate ASME code pressure vessels in carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy. Fabrication parameters: up to 14’ diameter, up to 150’ long and up to 2-1/2” wall thickness of 100,000 lbs. shipping weight.

Oversized Capabilities

For oversized pressure vessels and modules, Merichem® can also subcontract with our network of approved fabricators in the U.S. and internationally, as needed.

Our Certifications

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ISO 9001:2015