Environmental Stewardship

Many companies talk about sustainability. For Merichem®, it has been an integral part of our business for 75 years—developing solutions to reduce waste, remove contaminants, and facilitate the beneficial reuse of spent caustics.

Success Built Upon Environmental Responsibility

Merichem® is hard-wired for sustainability. We develop solutions for the reuse of spent caustic as a valuable commodity.

As a long-standing member of the American Chemistry Council, we adhere to Responsible Care® guiding principles and are committed to conducting business activities in accordance with all applicable Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHSS) laws and regulations for the benefit of our employees, customers, contractors, partners, and the community. This includes:

  • Monitoring performance and continual improvement through a management system compliant with the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Management System
  • Practicing responsible environmental stewardship
  • Securing our facilities to ensure safe operations and continued supply of products
  • Providing information on the safe transport, handling, use and disposal of our products
  • Maintaining dialog with communities about EHSS issues
  • Working with stakeholders to ensure our chemicals deliver their intended benefits to society

Leading the Way

From the top of our organization down, Merichem® adheres to and applies the principles of Responsible Care, set forth by the American Chemistry Council.

RideTight® Fluid-Sealing Management Program

Developed by VSP Technologies, this ongoing program has been implemented on Merichem’s fleet of rail cars. This proven program ensures that trained operators install the proper gaskets and verify the correct torque.

Environmental Awards

Marine Environmental Stewardship Award (2009)

Merichem® Receives the Marine Environmental Stewardship Award 2009. The award recognizes customers who safely handle more than two billion gallons of chemicals, petroleum products, and other liquid cargoes with ACL® each year and who share their commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.