For the Biofuels & Renewables Industry

Merichem® offers proven, cost-effective solutions for sulfur extraction, helping renewable fuel producers get their products up to spec while meeting project cost and schedule goals.

Solving the sulfur problem

As producers aggressively embrace production of renewables, operators increasingly need a reliable, cost-effective process for removing sulfur—getting their renewable fuels to meet or exceed EPA specifications while also meeting the production facility SO2 emissions requirements.

Merichem’s® LO-CAT® technology is a proven, proprietary, chemical-based sulfur-removal system that can effectively get renewable fuels to meet product specifications. Highly efficient for plants producing one or more tons of sulfur per day, it offers low operating costs paired with high efficiency of H2S removal. There are no liquid waste streams or hazardous waste products produced. Applications include:

  • Renewable diesel refining
  • Digestor gas from agricultural plants
  • Synthesis gas (syngas)
  • Garbage-to-power processes
  • Garbage-to-fuel processes
  • Landfill gas
  • Forestry waste, used cooking oil, animal-fat feedstocks

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Caustic extraction of sulfur

Since 1980, the Merichem® THIOLEX system has offered refiners a flexible alternative for the extraction of H2S and other acid gasses, reducing OPEX, CAPEX, and space requirements. While LO-CAT® is designed for high concentrations of CO2, THIOLEX is best for treating streams with low CO2 content. THIOLEX uses our proprietary FIBER-FILM® Contactor as the mass transfer device with caustic as the treating reagent in liquid and gas hydrocarbon streams.

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H2S removal for smaller streams

EcoTreat® is Merichem’s newest alternative for H2S removal. Designed to remove sulfur in the half-ton per-day range, it offers dramatic savings over scavenger or Redox systems that can’t handle flow rates that small.

Confidence globally

With extensive expertise and capabilities, Merichem® has successfully installed treatment systems in over 50 countries around the world. Our customized solutions have addressed almost every conceivable challenge.

We have licensed more than 230 LO-CAT® units and 250 THIOLEX units worldwide.