About Merichem®

Merichem® provides spent caustic handling services as an alternative to technology solutions. Our reputation stands on principles of proven performance, unsurpassed expertise and an uncommon commitment to our customers.

Our Focus Is You

With an extensive history of providing services to the oil and gas industry, there are few problems we haven’t solved. Even so, we treat every challenge as unique and strive to provide our customers with optimal solutions. We listen, think and innovate in a responsive manner with the intent of building relationships that endure. Our approach has resulted in Merichem’s ongoing evolution.

Built on Sustainability

We are a leader in the beneficial reuse and recycling of spent caustics, turning would-be waste into valuable and viable commodities for our customers. We’re committed to operating in a safe, responsible and cost-effective manner—and we’ve proven it daily.

Company History

Founded in 1945, Merichem® has a long relationship within the oil and gas industry as well as a long history of innovation. We pioneered the recovery of cresylic acids from heavy FCC spent caustics and in the 70s, invested in our own barges, developed our revolutionary FIBER FILM® extraction process and acquired the John T. Files Technical Center for its research and development initiatives. Acquisitions and steady global growth followed, as we expanded our capabilities to include chemical manufacturing as well as fabrication capabilities for our modules and proprietary equipment. Following the divesture of the technology and catalyst business, Merichem Company will continue to execute on its strategic vision, further cementing our leadership position in caustic services.

At Merichem®, we’re spent over 75 years delivering innovative solutions to our customers through, excellence in service and sustainability solutions.

Industry Partnerships

Merichem® is proud to partner with leading industry organizations

Sustainability and Safety Achievements

Chemical Transportation Safety Pinnacle Award

Union Pacific Railroad, 2017

Occupational Excellence Achievement Award

Recognized a zero OSHA recordable rate, maintained for three years

10 Years Without Recordable Injury or Lost Time

Merichem® celebrated 10 years without a recordable injury or lost time (OST)

RideTight® Fluid-Sealing Management Program

RideTight’s fluid-sealing management program has been implemented on our rail cars