Proven Technology for Treatment of Kerosene to Meet Jet Fuel Specifications

January 1, 2019

MERICAT J Proves Itself in Its Very First Commercial Installation

There’s a long list of specifications jet fuels are required to meet. MERICAT J is a new wet treating technology designed by Merichem that, unlike conventional methods, uses no NaOH or catalytic carbon bed. With Merichem’s proprietary treating solution JeSOL®-9, the MERICAT  J process removes mercaptans in a single reactor, followed by water washing, salt tower drying and clay treatment. It’s effective, efficient and eliminates the need for costly maintenance of the carbon bed with the associated waste streams. In its first installation at Alon USA’s Krotz Springs refinery, it more than proved its worth, delivering a return on capital employed greater than 100 percent, resulting in a payout in less than 12 months.

Download our technical paper on kerosene treating technology to meet jet fuel specifications.

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