The Environmentally Friendly Way To Remove H2S From Associated Gas

The LO-CAT® process is a patented, wet scrubbing, liquid redox system that uses a chelated iron solution to convert H2S to innocuous, elemental sulfur. It does not use any toxic chemicals and does not produce any hazardous waste byproducts. The catalyst is readily available and since it’s continuously regenerated in the process, less catalyst is used, more money is saved.

The LO-CAT® process is applicable to all types of gas streams including air, natural gas, CO2, amine acid gas, biogas, landfill gas, refinery fuel gas, etc. The liquid catalyst adapts easily to variations in flow and concentration. Flexible operation allows 100% turndown in gas flow and H2S concentrations. Units require minimal operator attention.

More than 200 installations around the world depend on the LO-CAT® process to remove hydrogen sulfide from gas streams. The LO-CAT® process is reliable, efficient, and economical and is licensed with guarantees of: H2S removal efficiency, sulfur removal capacity and chemical consumption rates.