EXOMER™ technology employs the FIBER FILM® Contactor as the mass transfer device and utilizes a proprietary solution as the treating reagent to remove recombinant mercaptans formed in selectively hydrotreated FCC gasoline or heavier molecular weight mercaptans in general from liquid hydrocarbon streams.

EXOMER™ technology was jointly developed with ExxonMobil Research & Engineering and first licensed in 2000. To date, Merichem has granted three unit operating licenses world-wide. The non-dispersive FIBER FILM® Contactor and the ability to achieve ultra-low sulfur specifications, while preserving octane and reducing hydrogen consumption, make EXOMER™ the technology-of-choice. In addition, the capital expenditure for a grass-root EXOMER™ unit is 35–50% of the cost of incremental hydrotreating capacity and operating costs per barrel are approximately 60–70% less compared to hydrotreating.