If a question is asked how Merichem can guarantee the performance of our technologies or help customers find a solution to their problems, look no farther than our John T. Files Technical Center. The facility is located in Houston, TX on several acres and is staffed with research engineers, chemists and support personnel. These dedicated professionals work in coordination with Merichem Company business units to provide timely analytical, technical service and research and development support.

The Files Technical Center strives to continually improve its state-of-the art capabilities and technical know-how and has added new skill-sets in developing a strong technical expertise. Requests range from determining composition of various streams and material balances in optimizing treater operation to new process design and new product development.

Industry leading analytical capabilities allow us to find win-win opportunities for our refinery caustic customers and suppliers.

Innovation and environment are actively intertwined at the Files Technical Center, and environmental stewardship is an important part of the team's mission. Developing technologies undergo testing and review for environmental impact and sustainable use.