- Naphthenic Acids
- Soda Chemicals
- Proprietary Catalysts and Chemicals
- Mercaptan oxidation and extraction catalysts
- Regenerable hydrogen sulfide oxidation catalysts
- Sacrificial hydrogen sulfide oxidation catalysts
- JeSOL™-9 solution for the MERICAT™ J process


Merichem provides both basic and detailed engineering for our licensed technologies for hydrocarbon treating systems. Merichem starts with the Basis of Design from the customer and using proven methods completes the Process Engineering Package. This basic FEED package includes process flow diagrams, material balances, piping & instrumentation diagrams, equipment & instrument data sheets, chemical consumption requirements and effluent summaries. Depending upon the customer’s requirements, Merichem also completes detailed mechanical engineering for proprietary equipment items and in the case of modular supply, the full design package.


Merichem Offers:Fabrication of Modularized Process Systems starting from clients’ process packages or detailed drawings.

Our modularization expertise helps customers increase their competitive edge. Our fully modular engineering design reduces field installation costs, and our shop fabricated modules are up and running faster and more efficiently than field-assembled components.


Merichem’s value proposition is backed by the engineering know-how of our Technical Services department. Merichem has dedicated technical service engineers who are available worldwide on a 24/7/365 basis to assist Licensees. Our specialists take pride in their record of long-term customer satisfaction.


Merichem provides professional project management support to guide all projects from conceptual design through delivery and start-up at the customer’s site. Merichem’s project managers review the specific customer requirements and work closely with the customer and Merichem’s own Engineering to ensure those requirements are implemented in a timely and cost effective manner. Utilizing a critical chain project management approach, Merichem’s project managers are able to keep project schedules shorter compared to field-assembled components.


If a question is asked how Merichem can guarantee the performance of our technologies or help customers find a solution to their problems, look no farther than our John T. Files Technical Center. The facility is Located in Houston, TX on several acres and is staffed with research engineers, chemists and support personnel. These dedicated professionals work in coordination with all of the Merichem Company business units to provide timely analytical, technical service and research and development support.