Frequently Asked Questions

What is spent caustic?

Spent caustic streams are created by refineries during process steps for the removal of sulfur in the processing of crude oil to make gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refining product. The Refiner views these spent caustic streams as waste.

What are the different kinds of spent caustics?

There are three types of spent caustic streams handled by Merichem: Sulfidic Caustic, Naphthenic Caustic, and Cresylic Caustic

What does Merichem do with the spent caustic?

Spent caustics are feedstock for Merichem’s manufacturing plant and are also used as a substitute for other commercially available chemical products such as caustic soda, sodium carbonate solutions, and brine. By utilizing spent caustics as feedstock to make a product or by using it as a substitute for other commercially available products, these spent caustics are excluded from the definition of hazardous wastes, and they are not regulated as such.  Worldwide, spent caustics, as used by Merichem are not wastes under the Basel Convention in that “disposal” does not include resource recovery, recycling, reclamation, direct re-use or alternative uses of such material.

What are the quality and spec accepted by Merichem?

Merichem accepts materials with a wide range of quality and specs. Please contact us to discuss your handling needs.