Claus Tail Gas

With the introduction of advancements such as: sophisticated ratio control, O2 enrichment, and improved burner design; great strides have been made in the ability of Claus units to adjust to rapidly changing feed conditions; which are experienced at both petroleum refineries and natural gas processing facilities. However, even with these advancements, some process applications still challenge Claus units with their ability to adjust to large turndown ratios while maintaining high removal and on-stream efficiencies. By utilizing Merichem’s LO CAT® process in conjunction with a Claus unit: turndown ratios of 100%; removal efficiencies of 99.9+%; and on-stream efficiencies approaching 100%; can be achieved. Additionally in certain applications the typical Claus incinerator can be eliminated, which will greatly reduce CO2 and SO2 emissions and the energy requirements to operate the incinerator. The first application of the LO CAT® technology on a Claus Tail Gas stream was in 1984.