Naphthenic Acids

Merichem offers an unsurpassed range of naphthenic acid grades:

  • Crude
  • Semi-refined
  • High-purity refined
  • Custom blends

When you use Merichem’s naphthenic acids, you get more than the right grade, acid number and color for your application — you get a dedicated team of people committed to providing the performance, service and economy that have made Merichem the world’s leading supplier of naphthenic acid.

 Merichem is the only U.S. supplier offering all grades of naphthenic acids in formulations customized to meet your specifications. These naphthenic acids are unmatched for top performance in these and many other applications:

  • Paint and ink driers
  • Catalysts
  • Tire cord adhesion promoters
  • Preservatives for wood and fabrics
  • Oil field corrosion inhibitors and surfactants
  • Fuel additives
  • Metalworking and lubricant additives
  • PVC plasticizers and stabilizers
  • Emulsifiers and surfactants
  • Hydraulic fluids

Merichem offers a unique service to refiners worldwide: A turn-key approach to solving their concerns about fuel-product acidity, based on our patented treating technology and equipment. Merichem recovers naturally occurring naphthenic acids, associated with the kerosene/jet fuel, diesel and gas oil fractions of geologically young heavy crude oils. Our technology generates especially high concentrations of naphthenic acids. These rich feedstocks are then processed cost effectively in our Tuscaloosa, Alabama, naphthenic acid plant.

Our vast experience is backed by a world-class research and development effort at our on-site laboratory in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and our Houston Research Center. Our talented team of engineers, chemists and technical service specialists make the Merichem commitment to quality and performance a reality. In addition to providing quality control and technical service for our customers, these experts are constantly researching new ways to advance our technology, improve our products and serve our customers even better.