Hydrocarbon Treating Made Better

Introducing FFC Plus, the next generation of FIBER FILM® Contactor technology. Merichem Company’s advanced FIBER FILM technology with an integrated coalescer and treater pushes the boundaries of extractive technologies. With this latest advancement to Merichem’s proven technology, hydrocarbon treating rates can be increased by up to 150% through increased mercaptan extraction efficiency. The integrated coalescing and treating device offers a simple installation, reduced chemical use, and reduced service and maintenance complexity. FFC Plus truly is mercaptan treating made better. .

Improved Treating Rates — The FFC Plus technology from Merichem delivers increased capacity and more efficient sulfur extraction treating of hydrocarbons. This technology enables higher through-put within smaller equipment and better turndown at no additional cost. Process changes and upsets are also handled more effectively without affecting product quality.

Reduced Carryover — Merichem’s advanced FIBER FILM technology provides enhanced coalescing of both liquid phases that improves separation efficiency and reduces contaminant carryover. These features protect downstream equipment and catalysts.

Reduced Plot Space — The higher capacity and efficiency of FFC Plus translates into reduced equipment sizes and plot space. This reduces project capital and lowers plant operating costs.

Easily Retrofit Treating Units

Existing Merichem or other treating units can be easily retrofitted with FFC Plus, providing up to 150% additional capacity. This capacity increase will not affect the existing turndown range of Merichem units and will improve the turndown of other units. The new contactor is a direct “drop-in” replacement that can be added or switched with minimal modifications within a short shutdown period.